Ten Creepiest Easter Eggs Gamers have ever Discovered

Dying Light

In the first-person survival horror Dying Light, the player is always on edge due to the sheer fact that zombies and other mysterious things want to eat you. Which is ironic as one of the biggest jumps the player will receive when going through this game is annoying a pink, fluffy teddy bear.

This teddy bear is not as friendly as it first appears. The player is able to interactive with the toy and press a button so that the bear speaks. The more you press the button, the more frustrated the pink bear gets. See where this is going? When enough is enough, our pink friend decides to detonate, throwing the player across the room.

Grand Theft Auto IV

In Grand Theft Auto IV, the player actually has the chance to find the “heart” of Liberty City. This is perhaps the strangest Easter egg we have ever come across. If the player visits the Statue of Liberty, and climbs the ladder to the top, the player will then see a gigantic, pumping heart, chained to the inside of Lady Liberty.

It may not be creepy to some gamers, but finding this Easter egg in your own time with no YouTube, seriously messed with our heads.