Square Enix PAX East Line-Up Revealed


The upcoming Penny Arcade Expo at Boston will feature some of the most anticipated games by Square Enix. Titles including Quantum Conundrum and Risen 2: Dark Waters will be playable at their booth.

The publishing giant has revealed that along with Quantum Conundrum and Risen 2: Dark Waters its booth will also feature playable versions of some of its other upcoming titles like Heroes of Ruin, Sleeping Dogs, Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy and WAKFU.

Square Enix also announced that a combined event for Hitman: Absolution and Sleeping Dogs will be held on April 6 and on the next day a Hitman: Absolution panel where a playable demo of the latest sequel to the Hitman series will be available followed by a Q&A session with IO interactive, hosted by its Art director Roberto Marchesi.

Let us know if any of you will be attending the event.

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