Characters most likely to die in Captain America: Civil War

Who will die in Captain America Civil War? Rumurs suggest 3 scenes deaths have been filmed during the production in the movie, so that nobody can guess who will die in the movie that is if someone even will. Very sneaky MARVEL, but not sneaky enough here are 5 characters who I think will most likely die in Captain America: Civil War.

  • Captain America

    captain america - civil war

    Captain America: Civil War – Marvel Entertainment

Let’s cut to the most obvious, the man himself and spoiler alert if you haven’t read the Civil War comics or “The Death of Captain America”. Captain America, since the movie itself is based on the ground breaking comic book series MARVEL’s Civil War, it would be very likely for them to stick true to the comic book storyline and make this decision and make the finale of the movie: Captain America being killed thus ending the Civil War.

However this would be a very bold move on MARVEL’s part as Chris Evans who plays Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is one of their biggest stars and one of the most beloved characters in the MCU, the death of Steve Rogers could lead to Bucky to take over the mantle as Captain America, which would also be the resolve between the two teams and would make sense due to Sebastian Stan having 9 more movies left in his contract.  So will MARVEL make the move? Who knows?

  • Iron Man

    iron-man captain america civil was

    Captain America: Civil War – Marvel Entertainment

Iron Man? Wait what?! Would MARVEL really do this, the character that kick-started the MCU into gear and one of the most successful comic book characters in the cinematic universe to date, would they really kill him off in what would be a tragic ending that would be such a huge plot twist in comparison to what occurs in the comic book series? Maybe… MARVEL do not shy away from making changes to the original material and because of the MCU Civil War being so different there is a very big chance that this could happen, and considering the new “generation” of Avengers are coming into play into Phase 4 will this be Iron Man’s last bout?

  • War Machine

    war machine captain america civil war

    Captain America: Civil War – Marvel Entertainment

James Rhodey/ War Machine, now we’ve seen from the trailer and promotional material that War Machine is shot out of the sky and plunges into the ground from a great height, is this the game changer that happens in the movie? Where the war between ideologies become less of a physical dispute, but more of a hunt for blood and revenge that being Iron Man wanting to “avenge” the death of War Machine, or is this one a little obvious? As it has already been put into the trailers and TV spots, remember the Arc reactor only powers the suit so he being shot out of the sky doesn’t mean much.

  • Black Widow

    black widow captain america civil war

    Captain America: Civil War – Marvel Entertainment

Black Widow, the final act of this movie hasn’t really been put into perspective I mean we’ve only seen Iron Man and Captain America fight, but remember there is a villain in this movie and his name is Baron Zemo, perhaps this would be the resolve of the two conflicts the death of Black Widow, by a higher, evil threat that Stark and Rogers realise the reason “why they fight, so they can end the fight and go home”. A death in the middle of the conflict would be a harsh hit for reality for the two characters, and a realisation to what everything has become. Plus Hawkeye already had a fake out death in Age Of Ultron making it very unlikely for him to be killed in Civil War and that only leaves Natasha.

  • The Vision

    the vision captain america civil war

    Captain America: Civil War – Marvel Entertainment

The Vision, now this one is very unlikely, but I got nothing else so let’s go out with a bang, The Infinity Stone is embedded in his head. Now remind me who only has one objective and that is too get the Infinity Stones (and maybe impress death? I still don’t know which studio has the rights to that character), that’s right THANOS! Now maybe Vision is killed in the Civil War the Infinity Stone is locked away, somewhere and BAM! Post credit scene Thanos comes and takes the gem? A bit farfetched, but here’s another theory that’s even further fetched.Thanos comes down and beats everyone to a bloody pulp, rips the infinity gem out of visions head and then leaves to search for the other gems, what evidence do I have of this speculation? “Fine I’ll do it myself”.

Who do you think will be killed or die in Captain America: Civil War?