This Skyrim player has made a record that nobody can break


There is a saying that you shouldn’t rush into marriages. However, there is a contest in Skyrim which needs the players to speed-run all the way for marrying as fast as they can.

I have seen a lot of instances of speed-running in the past but this is the funniest/weirdest of all. There is an entire category of speed-running, where the players need to get married as quickly as possible right after the start of the game.

Image: Kotaku

Image: Kotaku

The chart is now led by Twitch streamer 5exual_Tyrannosaurus, who managed to marry Marcurio of Riften in just 3:37. That was really fast and Marcurio is definitely a lucky spouse.

Apart from this incredible achievement, 5exual_Tyrannosaurus has also achieved another incredible feat in the game, which is perhaps even tougher to imagine.