Skyrim player discovers strange new secret in the game

A youtuber who is known for making some of the coolest Skyrim videos recently discovered a strange new secret location in the game. He found a novice necromancer praying to a mysterious structure.

However, what surrounded him was even weirder, he was surrounded by four dead chickens (I kid you not) while performing whatever ritual that he was.

When the player approached the Necromancer, instead of engaging in any dialogue, he immediately proceeded to attack him. However, something really weird happened.

He performed a strange chant and all the four dead chickens rose back to life. While one of them stayed put laying an egg, the others ran away. It’s all really bizarre.

However, the player seems to have figured it all out. Check out the video below to look at the strange encounter yourself.

And yes, no mods were used for this and you can find this guy in the game yourself –