Secret loophole allows you to get a refund from Amazon without returning the product

We’ve all been guilty of making some really unwanted purchases from Amazon in the spur of the moment and regret it later.

However, it seems there’s a way for you to actually get a refund without ever returning the product.

It appears the retailer is refunding customers who made purchases worth less than $15 and told them not to bother returning the products.

Many consumer watchdogs believe there is a good reason for that. The retailing giant doesn’t want their warehouses stacked with small unwanted goods.

“It shows the power of the retailer that it can swallow costs in a way an independent shop could not,” one of them said

Amazon is the world’s biggest retailer by far and it might make sense for them to take a few small hits like this to keep their operations in top shape.

Adding more fuel to this method is the fact that Amazon refused to comment on this particular refund practice when The Mirror inquired.

Even if it’s a small amount, it’s good to know that you might actually end up with the product and your money back as well (as long as you don’t abuse the method, ofcourse).