Screenshots Have Emerged of Prototype Call of Duty Game Set in Ancient Rome


Eight years ago, an idea was pitched to have a Call of Duty game set in ancient Rome. ‘Call of Duty: Roman Wars’ would have involved many new styles of gameplay unlike any previous Call of Duty game, such as “battle elephants trampling soldiers, a playable Julius Caesar and first-person sword combat.”

Sources involved with the development, who choose to be referred to as Polemus (spirit of war and battle) for confidentiality purposes, spoke with GamesRadar about the game that never came to be. Vicarious Visions, an Activision studio acquired in 2005, was working on developing the game. (Vicarious Visions is known for their billion dollar Skylanders franchise.) They were also working on Marvel: Ultimate Alliances 2, but got to work in developing the new Call of Duty game.