Samurai Jack committed a terrible act in latest episode which is by far the series’ darkest

Things got really dark in the latest episode of Samurai Jack. 

Obviously, there’s minor spoilers ahead for this episode in particular, so if you’re not caught up or if you plan on watching this down the road, you might want to skip this one.

In this episode, Jack encountered a group of 7 sisters (The Daughters of Aku) who had been raised since birth with the sole intention of ending his life. Jack gets into a situation where he has to decide between losing his own life, or taking someone else’s. Samurai Jack has yet to kill a human. He’s killed plenty of robots, but never actually taken a life, and Jack’s choice really hits him hard, even thought the person he killed would have gladly taken his life and celebrated the event.

image: wikia

In an interview with Polygon, the creator of the show revealed that the plan has been for this season to get much darker all along: 

“In my perception of the show the darkness was surface,” Tartakovsky said. “It was dark because the show was sad, but it didn’t go down into the soul. Here, we get to go all the way to the bottom. The haunting of the past and the self, is a pressure that you either need to forget or grieve. He’s traumatized and he cannot let go.”

Fans have pointed out that this shows a maturing of the character, and a progression in the show. Is this just the beginning of a downward spiral? The next time Jack is faced with such a decision, will it be easier for him to make, or harder?

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Great series’ know how to pace themselves, think of the Breaking Bad episode about the fly in the cook room. It’s about the ups and downs, and setting up the audience for something amazing on the horizon. It can’t be all action all the time, and this episode displayed a new depth of the titular character that begs to be explored further.