Russian Soldier Who Called In Airstrike On Himself While Surrounded By ISIS Has Been Identified

You may have heard about the brave Russian soldier who was surrounded by ISIS with no escape in sight, so he decided to call in an airstrike for his co-ordinates. He must have figured that if he’s going out, he’s damn well going to take some terrorists with him.

He realized there was no chance of getting rescued, so logically it was the right move, but how many people would be able to run those calculations in their heads and to act so selflessly?


It was very heroic. Anytime there’s a terrorist attack or a shooting, all the big media outlets report on the names of those who are responsible and give them the attention and infamy that they crave, so it’s refreshing to be able to release the name of somebody who did such a brave act for the betterment of the world.

ISIS Loses ‘Most’ Military Ammunition in Russian Airstrikes + Video

ISIS Loses ‘Most’ Military Ammunition in Russian Airstrikes + Video

Alexander Prokhorenko is the man’s name, and he was only 25 years old. Ekaterina, his wife, is pregnant with their first child. This child will never get to meet their father, but he will grow up knowing about his father’s brave actions, and while he might not be around to raise the child directly, he left behind a legacy that will undoubtedly influence his first-born.

A spokesperson representing Russia’s military released the following statement: 

“An officer of Russian special operations forces was killed near Palmyra while carrying out a special task to direct Russian airstrikes at Islamic State group targets.

The officer was carrying out a combat task in Palmyra area for a week, identifying crucial IS targets and passing exact coordinates for strikes with Russian planes.

The officer died as a hero, he drew fire onto himself after being located and surrounded by terrorists.”


It’s important to reflect sometimes. We’re all gamers, and we’ve all probably played through similar scenarios countless times. But remember that for every battle you enter into in a war-themed game, there are people in real life living those events.