Russian Model Comes Up With The Most Scientific Method For Determining Real or Fake Boobs

A video of Russian instagram model¬†Sveta Bilyalova performing a highly scientific test to see if her friend’s boobs were real or fake has been going viral on the internet. It might be because the video is funny and her technique is clever, or perhaps it’s because Sveta is insanely hot. Seriously, her out:

Sveta Bilyalova 5

Sveta Bilyalova 4

Sveta Bilyalova 11

She hilariously calls it, “Tits Authenticity Test. By the one and only scientist SVETA BILY”


Sveta Bilyalova 10


In the clip, she gets hands on with a friend with a sure fire tactic for sorting out the real from the fake if you know what I mean. Try it out for yourself with a friend, just make sure you have permission.

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