Report: Elder Scrolls VI will support this incredible new feature

Elder Scrolls VI

Image: Bethesda

Details are scarce about Bethesda’s next Elder Scrolls game but it’s been confirmed to be in development. Tentatively called The Elder Scrolls VI, the game has been in active development for a while now with Bethesda confirming that development duties are ongoing.

However, it’s been extremely tight-lipped about any useful information about the game, keeping fans guessing as to what might be in store for them. However, we can make out that Bethesda is going to focus on a few features for its upcoming open world RPG extravaganza.


Image: Bethesda

The game will take a leaf out of Skyrim’s expansion pack Heartfire and you’ll be able to build in-depth houses, etc. Another Bethesda game, Fallout 4 focused heavily on the settlement system and some of it will also make its presence felt in the upcoming title.

However, it’s also planning to include a brand new feature day one of its release which is bound to please fans.