Fans Claiming PS4 Service Ripping People Off. Angry PlayStation Fans Are Switching To Xbox One

In recent months, concern has been growing amongst gamers as to the quality and value of their online subscriptions – specifically PSPlus and Xbox Gold.

Both subscriptions are necessary for competitive online play on their respective consoles, and both subscriptions offer a number of free titles every month as gifts. However, some people are complaining that the quality of the games given through PSPlus is not to the same standard as those provided by Xbox Gold.



For comparison, here are two pictures showing the free games that both subscriptions have offered every month from May last year to April this year.






Now you may notice first off that PSPlus has provided a significantly larger amount of games over this period than Xbox Gold – 72 to Xbox’s 49, to be precise.

What is also evident is the significantly higher ratio of indie games in PSPlus’ offerings.

That’s not to say they’re bad; quite the opposite. With such titles as Guacamelee, Galak-Z, I Am Alive and Limbo, there’s definitely a large amount of high quality games to be found on offer.


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However, where people seem to take exception is the comparatively low number of triple AAA titles when shown against the offerings of Xbox Gold. Every month there is a new triple AAA title up for grabs if you’re a Xbox user.

Along with this, a large amount of the games offered for Xbox 360 are also backwards compatible – something the PS4 doesn’t have. Paying PSPlus members have even complained about this on the official EU PlayStation blog, with some individuals feeling these disparities show that Xbox Gold is better value for their money.

Sony gives us this indie garbage and no PS3 backwards compatibility, time to swap consoles everyone?” Said one gamer.

“When the [PS Plus] subscriptions ends, I will buy a Xbox One” quipped another PS4 user.

“If you can’t give decent titles, just give it up Sony” another frustrated gamer opined.

“I think i’ll really consider trading my PS4 for a XBONE…month after month, this is just pathetic. I’ve been a long time Sony fan…but maybe it’s time to cut my losses and move to xbox even though i hate that stupid controller. Have you seen the games they got these past few months?….AMAZING” – another angry user said

“This is unfortunate. Xbone Gold is giving actual AAA games, not indie games that no one is interested in. I hate to say it, but there no reason to keep paying for PS Plus if the games continue to be crap.” another user said

“Bye bye Sony, so glad I recently left you now…Not a good value anymore…And I paid less than $30 a year for GWG when it was on sale…Good til 2018, maybe I’ll see if you have caught up to MS then, maybe” said a user after he switched to the Xbox side

Whether that opinion is true or not, is up for debate. Sony’s focus on bringing indie games and developers further into the spotlight has been praised, and their wide selection of more unique and progressive titles may suit your own tastes very nicely.

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On the flip of that, if you’re more of a casual gamer who is less interested in the subtle nuances of something like The Unfinished Swan and more into the quick and easy action of games like Call of Duty and Assassins Creed, Xbox Gold may very well be your better option.

In the end, both services still offer a large amount of free high quality content. It’s up to you to decide which you feel better suits what you’d like to have.