Prison inmates built cusom PCs and hid them in this crazy location

Prison labor isn’t  the most viable career choice, so when these two inmates got their hands on some old PC parts while they were locked up, they managed to jump through all sorts of hurdles in order to try to make a few bucks while behind bars.

Two inmates in Ohio were tasked with disassembling old computers, but instead they took parts from different systems, until they found a working combination, including a network card. They managed to sneak the computers over 1,000 feet away, and hid them in the ceiling.

Next up, they got online by stealing log-in credentials from a guard, and were able to access the internet. Now, if you’re a gamer, you might think they tried to figure out which games they can run on those computers to pass the time, we all know how quick a day can burn by when you’re deep into a great game. But no, not these guys…

Almost like it’s a reflex, once they had the computers setup, they immediately started committing cyber crimes including credit card fraud and identity theft. The next plan was to file bogus tax returns and to collect the refunds.

They got caught because they were using the systems much too often. They’d frequently blow past the daily data limits, and the IT department quickly noticed that the guard’s log-in credentials were being used on days when the guard wasn’t even scheduled to work. Huge red flag.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that these guys were caught, since they don’t really have a track record of getting away with crime, hence their current housing situation.

In addition to the two “masterminds” behind this, there were 3 other inmates involved, and they were using the computers to chat, to browse the dark web on Tor, to watch adult videos, and to look up instructions on how to make drugs and explosives.