Popular Twitch Streamer Is Awkwardly Proposed To By Desperate Man

If you’re a cute girl with a visible online presence, you’ve undoubtedly been proposed to at least a handful of times. By strangers. It’s like back in daycare or elementary school, when you’d play house, it’s a way for children to show affection to someone they like, when they have a very limited worldview on what they really means. Or, in some cases, for grown-ass men to do the same.

It’s awkward, it’s cringey, it’sĀ uncomfortable… but since when has that stopped anyone from doing anything?

It’s especially awkward at first when he reaches out and grabs her hand, and she kind of pulls back and recoils, but at least you can tell the guy’s joking when he offers to share his Amazon Prime account and help her get a green card. According to comments on Reddit, this isn’t the first time he’s popped up on her stream within a short period of time, on separate days. It’s called “Stream Sniping”, and it usually happens within the game world itself, but since Cho (The girl in the video) streams IRL, it adds a different level to it.

Some would call it stalkerish, even if he was helping in some of the snipes and showed her around, others would call it just cute and funny. Check out the video, you can make up your own mind.

This isn’t the first time she’s been approached doing a stream, another one is when a stranger just walks by, says her name, and gives her a couple bucks. It’s unclear whether it’s the same guy or not.