Is your PlayStation the ultimate poker machine?

Since the PlayStation 4 was launched in December 2013, Sony sold over 7 million units thanks to a combination of cutting-edge hardware and exciting game titles that won the hearts of die-hard fans and new converts alike.

But it isn’t only traditional shoot ‘em up/adventure players that should celebrate the achievements of the PS4. Gamblers have plenty to rejoice for too.

In this article we take a look at how you can harness the gaming abilities of your PlayStation to play poker and make some cash.

A gambling beast ready to be unleashed

Sony’s latest console isn’t just a gaming console but a fully-fledged digital entertainment hub that can hold up to your computer or laptop for your next virtual poker night.

Beneath the linear black exterior lies some of the most advanced gaming technology that has been developed in recent years. Sony claims that that the PS4 has ten times the processing power of its predecessor, making it the ultimate poker machine.

Thanks to its online browsing and high-speed multitasking capabilities, the PS4 opened the doors to a brand-new type of console-based online poker, which blends the familiar gaming environment of a console to the global reach of online gambling.

Online gambling on your console

The PS4’s integrated web browser is the key to unlocking the console’s gambling potential, especially for those willing to raise the stakes higher and play for real money.

Unfortunately, dedicated poker games and apps are not available on the PlayStation yet. So if you want to play poker, you will have to navigate to your favourite online poker site address and join a table there.

Once you’ve connected, you can play using the analog controls and buttons on your Dualshock 4 gamepad.

For some odd reason, you cannot use the integrated touchpad to control the web browser, however there’s still hope this will be fixed soon thanks to a software update.

Adding the social dimension

So far so good, but what else does the PS4 offer to a poker player who’s making major dough online?

The opportunity to show off!

On the PS4, players can share images and videos of their game play with friends by using the new social share buttons on their game pad.

You can also broadcast your gameplay live using the video streaming services offered by Twitch or Ustream.

Simply sign up for an account with any of these services and you can start sharing your latest wins with your friends and fans.

Best poker sites for online play

There is a wide choice of reputable poker sites that let you wager real money online without having to download any proprietary software.

To start playing, just visit one of the great poker outlets listed below and register your gaming account. Deposit some money and you’re ready to be dealt in.

  • 888 poker – At 888 you can sign up for your poker account and start playing on one of the fastest growing poker communities online. You can easily and safely make and receive payments by connecting your PayPal account to your bankroll.
  • Party Poker – Start playing instantly on directly from your web browser. Thanks to their 1-click lobby, a single tap on your gamepad is all you need to be join a table.
  • bwin Poker – On the bwin lobby you can access all the real-money poker games, as well as participate in the on-going tournaments. Besides poker, you can also play many other online casino games for free or for real money.

The potential of console-based poker

If you want to earn money playing poker, then online is the way to go.

Internet forums have been buzzing for a long time with rumours that EA’s online game centre will introduce poker rooms soon, but as yet, nothing has been confirmed.

Poker players needn’t worry though. There’s plenty of potential for high-rolling gambling action on your PS4 console at the online poker sites listed above.

The number of players who earn good money online is steadily increasing and frequent small bets seems to be a surefire strategy to building your bankroll.

Just think of the possibilities. By turning your PS4 from a gaming machines into a money-making gambling machine you could easily fund your growing games collection using money earned through online play.

Poker greatness awaits

Playing poker on consoles as an option is probably overshadowed by the popularity of mobile poker. However the PS4 holds a lot of promise for players who want to experience their game on a bigger screen with better control on their play.

Whether game developers will catch on to the PS4’s potential of being a gambling machine remains to be seen. In the meantime, players have already started making cash on their consoles, taking the PS4’s motto ‘Greatness Awaits’ to a whole new level.