You Play as a Cat in This Futuristic Adventure Game With Stunning Graphics

In a post on Reddit, a user has shared the news of a new game in development named HK. HK is a “third-(cat)person solo adventure game set in an indefinite period.”


As seen in videos below that show off HK’s proto-development stage, it looks incredible and is set in a dystopian universe inspired by Kowloon Walled City. Check it out:

HK Gameplay

The game is firmly still in an early development stage, but even the video tests above are enough to warrant excitement. In terms of platform, they’re thinking PC and maybe PS4.

The developer’s blog can be found here – be sure to check it out to see how the game is getting on.

The game has already invoked a large discussion on Reddit, with many users posting that the game indeed looks absolutely incredible.

It’ll be sure to wow even more people as it shapes up nicely into a fully fledged game.