Philadelphia Zoo’s Gorilla Gives Birth To Beautiful Little Baby and it’s holding an online poll to choose its name


There is some good news for all as the Philadelphia Zoo welcomed a new member yesterday. The zoo saw the birth of a healthy baby gorilla on August 31.

The zoo authority expressed their happiness on their Facebook page by stating, “We want to thank so many for your outpouring of support and genuine excitement around the birth of a new baby gorilla at the Zoo. We are truly amazed and humbled.”


A couple pictures of the cute little baby gorilla were also posted. The baby gorilla can be seen nestled in it’s mother’s arms mostly sleeping. However, it was also reported that the baby played with its family for some time. The zoo has yet to decide on the name of the baby as the gender hasn’t been determined yet.

“In the coming weeks, as the baby’s gender is determined, we will be working with our thoughtful and committed keeper staff to develop suggested names that we would like help from our community in finalizing,” the page added. “So please stay tuned – once we have names for consideration, we will let you know so that you can weigh in and vote for your favorite!”


This news brought smiles to the faces of the people who were reminded of Harambe, the gorilla who was shot and killed at the Cincinnati Zoo. Experts determined Harambe had to be killed after a child fell into his cage. Although Harambe still lives in our hearts and memories, it’s time to celebrate the birth of this little creature.

We want to thank so many for your outpouring of support and genuine excitement around the birth of a new baby gorilla at…

Posted by Philadelphia Zoo on Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The zoo also welcomed suggestions for names that the babyrilla (Baby Gorilla) should be given and they will pick a few of them and do an online poll to choose the final name. In case you’re planning to suggest Harambe, don’t do it as the zoo’s made it clear it won’t be naming the new born Harambe. Which we think is a load of gorilla poo.

We would also ask our followers to suggest a name for the baby gorilla irrespective of its sex. You can let us know your ideas in comments section.

Here are some more images of the baby gorilla:

gorilla3 gorilla4 gorilla5