PewDiePie forced to delete video from his channel for this shocking reason

Pewdiepie’s been in a soup for the last few days and things don’t seem to be getting better for him.

At first, he was dropped by Disney, after an article published by WSJ questioned why no action was taken by them after Pewdiepie released a host of seemingly anti-semitic videos (which were infact made as a joke).

This was followed up by Youtube, who cancelled the second season of “Scare Pewdiepie”, a premium offering on Youtube red, and removed him from its premium advertising program, which gives creators access to a pool of premium advertisers and tags their channels as being ‘brand safe’.

Amidst all this drama, let’s go back in time a little bit, and take a look at a video Pewdiepie had uploaded last month, and was quickly forced to remove from his channel soon after, since the media accused it of being overly racist.

The video has been re-uploaded on a video archiving channel and in it, he’s seen defending the guys who made apparently anti-semitic videos for him on the website Fiverr.

He is also seen making similar anti-semitic jokes near the end of the video, and doesn’t seem to regret making them in the first place, although a huge controversy erupted as a result of it.

Check it out below –