Permanently banned Famous Twitch Streamers that actually deserved it


Twitch is the most popular video game streaming platform. It has provided self-employment opportunities to many pro gamers and entertainers alike. However, there’s a darker side to the platform where some toxic streamers ruin an otherwise healthy community with their fuckery.

Twitch has been cracking down on many popular streamers and rule breakers recently and has made an example out of them to show the rest of the community that they don’t tolerate their nonsense.

Let’s take a look at a few streamers that have been permanently banned from the platform.




This is probably the most deserved Twitch ban ever. This streamer was banned based off a very disturbing audio clip that was broadcast from his Twitch stream. He thought that his live stream was turned off, but it turns out his audio was still broadcasting.



From the audio clip that was recorded, we can assume that Joedaddy505 was verbally and physically assaulting his girlfriend or wife. Joedaddy505 was immediately banned from Twitch for life following the incident and he has even taken down all the videos from his YouTube account in attempts to wipe evidence of his existence from the internet.

If the allegations that are made on him based on the audio recording are proven to be true, we hope that this streamer gets punished by the law for domestic violence.