People Are Losing Their Sh*t Over This ‘Dragon’ Sighting Video

Strange footage of a real life dragon has emerged on the internet and the people can’t keep calm. The dragon was reported to be spotted while flying through a mountain range in China.

Although this sounds really crazy or somewhat shady, the big bird was filmed when it was flying near the China-Laos border.


On the other hand there are also a lot of people who think that the entire footage is fake and was created using computer graphics. However, some don’t want to believe that the footage was doctored and think it’s legit.

Some people, who have watched the footage feel that the dragon in question is a fire breathing one, while others are certain that it is a Pterosaur, which has been extinct for 66 million years.


Although there’s a sense of excitement over the fact that dragons might be real, we still feel that it was a work of CGI. We’ll have to do some more research on this before we write anything more.

Here’s the video footage of the dragon flying over the mountain range in China: