Overwatch Streamer Calls Mom After Becoming Top Ranked Player in North America, didn’t expect her reaction


Standing at number one in the Overwatch rankings in a country is a massive achievement. North American Overwatch player Miso, for a brief moment achieved that position and he called his mother out of excitement.

Miso was able to snatch the most coveted position after a showdown with his friendly rival Mangachu. Mangachu is the pro Overwatch player who was ranked at number one at that moment.


source: shacknews.com

Here’s the video of the showdown:

Soon after reaching the top position, Miso turned to the camera and said,

“Hold up. I’m gonna call my mom.”

Once his mom was online he said, “Hey mom, guess what?”

“I got rank one in Overwatchtoday, and there are 1,600 people watching me do it,” he added

“Neat,” she replied.

“They can hear you right now,” added Miso.

However, he didn’t expect her Mom to react the way she did initially once he called her. To be fair, you can’t really blame her either.