“No Russian” in Modern Warfare 2 Is The Most Controversial Video Game Level Ever Created


Most of us have played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s story. The Modern Warfare series is pretty famous for always having a fantastic storyline, and MW2 was no exception.

However, MW2 had one mission that, we believe, is the most controversial piece of gaming ever. That of course is the optional mission “No Russian”. If you’ve never played the game’s story, allow us to explain a little.


No Russian begins with you on an elevator, just reaching your destination. The game informs you that you’re in Moscow, Russia, and playing the role of CIA operative Joseph Allen, but you’re undercover as Alexei Borodin. You’ve infiltrated Vladimir Makarov’s group of Russian terrorists. Makarov is the main antagonist of the series.

So the elevator doors open, you’re there with 4 other men in body armor and you’re all wielding fully automatic weapons. Before you can gather your thoughts, Makarov utters the words “Remember – no Russian.”, and you step out of the elevator.

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Expecting bullets to start flying your way, you’re confused with the scene you’re greeted with. An airport full of civilians. No guns, no armor. Just people living out their lives. The game then brings your gun up, giving you the green light basically.

Your team begins unloading into the crowd as you finally realize what this mission is truly about. You’re a 5 man team committing an act of terrorism. The screams of the civilians and mannerisms they begin to show are ultra-realistic, everything from them crawling away to begging for their lives, and even dragging one another to safety.


It’s your job to slowly walk across the airport, killing anyone you see. No one fights back until the police arrive. After you make quick work of the police, your team hops in an ambulance. As you attempt to join them, Makarov turns his handgun on you and pulls the trigger. The idea is that he knew you were an undercover CIA agent, and leaving your dead body at the scene of the terrorist attack would give the Russian government the idea that the US was behind it. That’s also the reason he says “No Russian”.

That’s the story behind the mission, now here is a video of the gameplay.

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