New Battlefield 1 update has players outraged for doing this terrible change to PS4 Pro version


An extensive title update came to Battlefield 1 yesterday. The players, however aren’t happy with the update and complained that the patch downgrades the PS4 Pro-enhanced version of the game.

The new patch, 1.04 went live on yesterday afternoon and has been under-performing on Sony’s new upgraded console PlayStation 4 Pro.

Battlefield 1


One of the fans even inquired with DICE engineer Julian Manolov about the enhancements brought in the patch. Manolov, however replied that they were currently under an NDA with Sony and Microsoft which prevents them from sharing any details about the nature of enhancements.

Several users, on the other hand posted on the social media and forums about the game’s downgraded performances after the patch. Some have provided near conclusive evidence too. We’ve compiled the most noteworthy ones below.