Mysterious 50ft-long creature washes up on Beach leaving locals concerned

An enormous ‘sea creature’ recently washed up on a beach. However, no one is sure what it is.

The corpse was found in Indonesia’s central Maluku province on May 10th. Since its arrival, both locals and authorities are trying to figure out what this creature is.

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After the carcass had washed up, it did not take long for residents of the area to start posting images across the web. The 50 feet creature was initially presumed to be a boat. According to the Sun, the massive creature was cleaned up thanks to the army.

Several reports claimed that local fishers were speculating that the creature was a giant squid. However, it does not seem rather likely as giant squids typically grow up to be 43ft for females, while males tend to become 33ft max.

Image: Facebook

However, a coordinator from the Indonesia Marine and Coastal Resources Managment stated that the creature is most likely a giant whale.

Before the creature was removed from the beach, several DNA samples were taken from the animal and sent off to a laboratory to figure out the species. Hopefully, we will find out what the unusual creature is.