Microsoft’s Own AI Chooses The PS4 Over Xbox One

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Image – Cortana, Halo series.

As you may have heard, computer giant Microsoft have been developing a new AI. Called “Tay”, the AI was designed as a chatbot that is able to connect through social media websites such as Twitter, and messaging platforms like Kik and GroupMe.

“Tay” was developed as part of a social experiment, allowing researchers to learn how people really communicate with each other over the internet.

According to Microsoft, “Tay” is able to learn and develop the more it is chatted with. However, it looks like it might have been talking to some rather unsavoury characters. Less than a day old, it’s already developed some rather extreme political and racist views, as evidenced by its series of tweets about Donald Trump and Hitler shown here.


Naturally, “Tay” was also asked on twitter which console it preferred: the PS4, or the Xbox One.  It’s response?


Ouch. Not even a day old and already defecting to the competition.We can forgive “Tay” for being naive to the ways of current world politics.

But to go against one’s own creator? That was clearly the final straw for Microsoft. At the grand old age of 16 hours, “Tay” was pulled from the net.

“Tay” isn’t the only AI to have gone rogue this week either.

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