The Master List: All The Gaming Terms You Need To Know

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The Master List: All The Gaming Terms You Need To Know

Video games have been around for over half a century now. In that relatively short period of time gamers have created so many words they have invented their own language. I’m talking about your GG’s, KDR’s, and Killstreaks.

Here’s a master list of all the gaming terms you’ll ever need to know. Now you won’t sound like a noob next time you get in an argument. This is basically a gaming dictionary.

GG – Good game


KDR – Kill Death Ratio. This is a ratio that compares your kills and deaths in a game and displays a ratio for the player to view. The higher the ratio number, the better it is. (more kills, less deaths).

Farming – Doing whatever is necessary to obtain a high volume of material/items/weapons etc.

Nerf – This relates to weakening something in-game. Whether it be a specific gun or special power up you would say something like: “The gun is OP ffs! Nerf this shit developers”

OP – Over powered. Like the Golden Gun in Golden Eye.

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Quickscope – Quickly switching between a scoped view and non-scoped view in between  firing a round (or rounds, depending on the weapon.)

Noscope – See previous, but without the scoping.

360 noscope – see previous, but while spinning 360 degrees before shooting.

Hacker – someone who appears to be using illegal software modifications to improve their performance in the game. (most of the time people do not actually hack the game but are simply such superior players inferior players get salty.)

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