The Master List: All The Gaming Terms You Need To Know

The Master List: All The Gaming Terms You Need To Know

Video games have been around for over half a century now. In that relatively short period of time gamers have created so many words they have invented their own language. I’m talking about your GG’s, KDR’s, and Killstreaks.

Here’s a master list of all the gaming terms you’ll ever need to know. Now you won’t sound like a noob next time you get in an argument. This is basically a gaming dictionary.

GG – Good game


KDR – Kill Death Ratio. This is a ratio that compares your kills and deaths in a game and displays a ratio for the player to view. The higher the ratio number, the better it is. (more kills, less deaths).

Farming – Doing whatever is necessary to obtain a high volume of material/items/weapons etc.

Nerf – This relates to weakening something in-game. Whether it be a specific gun or special power up you would say something like: “The gun is OP ffs! Nerf this shit developers”

OP – Over powered. Like the Golden Gun in Golden Eye.

master list quick scope
Quickscope – Quickly switching between a scoped view and non-scoped view in between  firing a round (or rounds, depending on the weapon.)

Noscope – See previous, but without the scoping.

360 noscope – see previous, but while spinning 360 degrees before shooting.

Hacker – someone who appears to be using illegal software modifications to improve their performance in the game. (most of the time people do not actually hack the game but are simply such superior players inferior players get salty.)

Master list rage quit

Ragequit – Finding an uber annoyance in losing and quitting game violently. (usually online)

Speedrun – Completing a game as quickly as possible without regard for the story. Sometimes involves glitching.

Glitching – Abusing the game’s technical design flaws to your advantage.

Tank – character that can absorb a lot of damage, either through high health or armor or both.

Wombo combo – when two (or more) characters special attacks can be and are used very well together

Noob – someone new to the game

Scrub – someone bad at the game

Aimbot – A modified game file on your computer that aims for you. If you use this, you’re a hacker.

Buff – makes a weapon/character better.

Cheese – a cheap strategy that either gets a win fast or if it fails, puts your enemy ahead by a lot. (zerg rush)

master list esports

ESports – Gaming at a professional level and getting paid big money to do so.

Grief(er) – when someone intentionally ruins the game for others (more of an English terms than a gaming one)

Lag – When a player’s connection is unreliable (or server) and causes inputs from the controller to not be registered in time and hurts performance.

PvP/PvE – Player vs. Player / Player vs. Environment

QTE – Quick time event – see boss battles from the Naruto Storm games.

Easter eggs –  Hidden secrets developers include in their games, often in reference to other games or shoutouts to developers.

Fragged – typically used in FPS competitive games, means to kill someone. Term originates from the word fragmentation grenade. “He just got fragged”

AFK – Away from keyboard

Master List Camping

Camper – someone who sits in one spot and waits for you to run by to kill you.

AAA: Industry talk for ‘big and amazing game’.

Abandonware: A nice sounding but legally-meaningless term for games no longer sold and thus deemed fair to download for free.

Achievement: An in-game recognition of your ability.

Autosave: Pretty obvious what this is. Saves your progress automatically so if you turn the game off you pick up right where you left off.

Avatar: A player character, usually customizable.

Beta: The finished game – I mean – the apparent “still in development” build before the final release.

Checkpoint: A point in the game where you respawn if killed.

Cooldown: The amount of time you have to feel depressed between using the most powerful attacks.

DLC: Downloadable content which you can obtain from the game’s respective market place.

DRM: An expensive technique that will make pirates wait almost a week to the play the latest games, sometimes.

Field of view:  At the highest settings you become an owl.

Finished game: – The beta – I mean – “fully developed” build of the game.

Free to play:  A game model that lets you play for free but once start making progress you’ll always be beaten by the people who pay for the better items.

Games for windows live: The place people like Hitler go when they die

master list god mode activated

God mode: when nothing can harm you and you’re on fire. Also known as IDDQD

Indie game: A game powered by leprechaun gold because the funds used to make high end indie games are in the millions. But in all seriousness, it’s a game made by a small team who aren’t behind the big AAA games.

Killstreak: When you kill many people in a row without being terminated yourself.

Middleware: The logos at the start that tell you who and what made the trees in the game.

Multiple endings: Something you watch on Youtube after completing the game once.

NPC: A non-player character. Usually someone who sells and trades things you don’t care about.

Nvidia: The way it’s meant to be played. Unless AMD paid for their logo to be in the game instead.

Permadeath: One life, one chance.

Port: A chance to play the games that are made for consoles on your pc.

Replay Value: A thing no game actually has as much as it claims…

Season pass: Buying the full game and in-development version at the same time. Free bugs included. Hats off to EA.

Sli: Scalable link interface. A way of Bridging two Nvidia GPUs together combining their power.

Stealth Mission: Unless it forces you to sneak around you’re putting bullets through everyone’s head.

WASD – The conventional controls on a keyboard for movement. W – UP, S – BACKWARDS, D –RIGHT, A – LEFT.

Zombie: Ferrous metal which is constantly pulled toward the magnet you swallowed.