Many Fans Say They Can No Longer Watch JonTron For This Reason

Popular Youtuber JonTron isn’t the first to get into trouble over some controversial remarks lately, following in the footsteps of Pewdiepie’s whole fiasco. The big difference is something we bring up all the time, and that’s context. We’ll compare these two cases briefly, but below the surface they’re really not the same at all.

image: youtube

In the case of Pewdiepie, he made some jokes that were taken out of context by zealous reporters, but in JonTron’s controversy, he made some comments in a 2 hour debate with no intentions of humor, fully in context, that shed light on some controversial views on immigration. With Pewdiepie, nobody really cared except the people going after him, and he had massive support from the rest of the internet. That’s not the case this time around for Jon…

JonTron issued a kind-of apology, where he admitted this debate took place late at night, and he said some things he himself wouldn’t even agree with in hindsight. It was more of an, “I’m sorry that you’re offended“, than a sincere apology, though.

“I said lots of stuff that could be misconstrued in all sorts of ways,” JonTron explained.

JonTron has made some jokes or controversial statements in the past, but the political climate is much different now, and generally politics have stayed out of it previously, and the recent comments about immigration, white identity and similar things have caused some people to have a hard time supporting his channel anymore. Giving your honest opinion and arguing for it is a lot different than having a joke taken out of context or trying to say something shocking.

image: youtube

“I don’t think a pure society is possible, but in terms of a demographic majority, I don’t know that a nation can exist without one,” explains JonTron.

He also cited some curious statistics about crime, race, and wealth…

“Wealthy blacks also commit more crime than poor whites. That’s a fact. Look it up.” challenges JonTron.

This is the type of thing you’d really want to have your sources ready for, not to just casually gloss over with a “Look it up, it’s true!” That’s the comment in particular that came as a shock to a lot of people, along with things like “if they immigrate they need to integrate, but also we don’t need immigrants from incompatible places.”

Amidst this controversy, there have been headlines about how he’s losing thousands and thousands of subscribers on Youtube, but over the past 30 days his daily average is still +1,138 subs and he’s up +34,133 for the month. There were only 3 days where he had a negative amount of new subscribers, according to SocialBlade, so it would appear that people aren’t as shook by these comments as you might expect, or that for everyone unsubscribing, there are still more people hopping on board.

This whole thing got started when JonTron gave his commentary on a tweet from an Iowa state representative named Steve King, who said “We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies,” to which JonTron responded:

image: twitter

Afterwards, the infamous “debate” took place on the Destiny channel.