The Last of Us 2 theory about Joel is making fans lose their minds

Sony surprised the gaming world by announcing The Last of Us 2 earlier this week, during the Playstation Experience event. It showed off a reveal trailer of the game that prominently featured Ellie as the main protagonist.

Needless to say, the trailer was really well executed and had people’s excitement levels reach an all time high. The Last of Us was one of the most critically acclaimed games made last generation, and fans were really looking forward to experiencing a second installment.

image: last of us part 2 teaser trailer

image: last of us part 2 teaser trailer

However, one thing that made a lot of die-hard fans think, was how Joel was shown in the reveal trailer.

What’s more, it also gave birth to an insane theory about him and how he’s going to be featured in the game.

According to the theory, Joel is dead in The Last of Us 2, having been killed by the fireflies and Ellie is out seeking revenge due to it. It’s not all hogwash as the theory gives some compelling evidence that can be noticed in the trailer. We’ve summarized them below.

  1. Joel doesn’t look older in the trailer or shows any sign of ageing. He actually looks younger.
  2. Ellie is severely bruised in the trailer but there is no visible injury marks on Joel.
  3. Joel is extremely calm entering a house full of dead bodies and doesn’t seem concerned about Ellie’s well being.


The theory claims that Joel is nothing but a fragment of Ellie’s imagination in The Last of Us 2, who’ll speak to her throughout the game while she seeks out revenge. Although this theory sounds insane, but it might actually come true.

Whatever it is, we can’t wait to play the game and find out for ourselves when it releases.