Joe Rogan Bought a $10,000 Per Month Internet Connection to play this videogame for 10 hours a day


Joe Rogan’s a busy guy. He’s a touring stand-up comedian, commentator for the UFC, and he hosts his own three hour podcast several times a week.

He used to be heavy into video games, but he had to stop because he went too deep. These days, he doesn’t play any video games at all because he’s too afraid of getting completely hooked again.

It was recently revealed that Rogan is a playable character in UFC 2, but he’s still not really into modern gaming…



After Joe saw the trailer for the Doom reboot, he started thinking about diving back into his gaming roots. Back in the day, Joe was a hardcore Quake player, he would play for full shifts of 8-10 hours a day.

When he realized that his internet connection wasn’t quite cutting it, he had his own personal T1 line installed, which isn’t cheap.The bill for his T1 line at the time was roughly $10,000 per month.



This guy doesn’t do anything half-assed. When he became interested in archery, he rented a studio and made sure it had plenty of space for an archery range. When he became interested in eating healthier meats, he started hunting the animals down himself, with his bow.

Rogan has some very deep thoughts about video game addiction and how it’s an escape from reality. It will really make you think. Read that, and watch Rogan discuss his former video game addiction, his insane T1 line that he spent over 100k a year for, and his excitement for Doom on the next page

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