Jewish Friend of PewDiePie defends him after Nazi Accusations, exposes media

Pewdiepie, the world’s most subscribed youtuber, was dropped by his network, Maker Studios (which is owned by Disney), as well as penalized by Youtube in the form of cancelling the second season of his show “Scare Pewdiepie”, a premium offering on Youtube Red.

The company also removed him from its premium advertising program, which gives influencers access to premium advertisers and marks the content of their channel as being ‘brand safe’.

All of this was the result of him making allegedly anti-semitic videos with racial jokes. The most controversial of them was a video that showed two Indian guys holding a sign that read “Death to all Jews“, followed by “Subscribe to Keemstar” which was satire making fun of the fact that Keemstar would probably do anything for subs. Taken out of context, it tells a different story than simply holding a sign saying “Death to all Jews.”

The guys who made the controversial video for Pewdiepie claimed that they didn’t know what the sign meant and it was just business as usual for them, and Pewdiepie genuinely seemed like he felt bad that they ended up losing their account over it, and made a video offering them some tips and advice on how to start up something much more profitable than $5 videos.

This got a ton of coverage across all the major media outlets, but many of them reported on it in a misleading way, as pointed out by a good friend of Pewdiepie’s, Ethan, who is half of the team behind H3H3productions.

Ethan came to Pewdiepie’s defence, and released the following video to call out the media in a big way, and to point out how ridiculous this is getting: