Internet goes crazy after Simon Cowell seems to have got his Dick out

The internet is a weird place and another story went viral a while ago; this time featuring everyone’s beloved host Simon Cowell.

People noticed something sticking out of his pants during one of the episodes of the X-Factor which was aired recently. Although the producers of the show and the editors seem to have missed it, the internet didn’t miss the chance to point it out and soon people started tweeting about it and making memes as well.


A clip from the show started to trend which apparently showed this unfortunate Waldrobe malfunction, and soon people started talking about how Simon showed more than he meant to during the show.

People went crazy after the footage suggested that Simon actually had an accident that unintentionally showed his dick to everyone. Check out the clip –

However, don’t get your hopes too high as this incident turned out to be a damn squid, just like the recent one involving UFA champion Conor Mcgregor. It wasn’t actually Simon’s dick that was on display but it was just his toe that people mistook for his penis.

That’s another rumor laid to rest. Move on everyone.