GTA V’s biggest mystery has finally been solved after three years


If you are an avid GTA 5 follower, you would definitely be aware of the mystery centred around Mt. Chilliad. It has been three years since GTA 5 released and there are still unsolved mysteries and easter eggs involving Mt. Chilliad.

However, it seem like the Mt. Chilliad mural has finally been solved by an extremely dedicated and crazy fan. He has thoroughly analyzed the mural and taken the entire plotline of the game into consideration while solving the mystery.



Prior to the Mt. Chilliad mystery, the players had dug deep to uncover some other mysteries such as the bigfoot and the beast mysteries.

Now, the Mt. Chilliad mural mystery has also been solved by the same guy who played a big part in uncovering the bigfoot and beast mysteries. He goes by handle “Sir_Galehaut” on Reddit and is now considered as the mystery hunter in GTA 5.