GTA VI has already released in Brazil but with an hilarious twist

Rockstar Games is yet to announce GTA VI and reports about its development have been few and far between, until now.

A eagle eyed gamerr has spotted a copy of GTA 6 in Brazil and it’s in development for the PS2. It also apparently stars Summer Glau as the Terminator. What?

A photo was posted on Reddit and it suspiciously looks like a copy of GTA: San Andreas with lots of cool mods added on such as the GTA bootlegs from Indonesia.

Check out the hilarious looking cover and let us know if you can figure out all the artwork it used from GTA games.

They nailed the cover, especially for selling it in a country like Brazil.


If you still didn’t’ figure it out, it’s obviously a fake cover with an older GTA game being sold for the PS2 in Brazil. Brownies points for creativity though.

The actual game is confirmed to be in pre-production but Rockstar is currently busy making Red Dead Redemption 2 so don’t get your hopes high for playing it anytime soon.