GTA V player spends entire night in Abandoned Sandy Shore motel to uncover its secret

gtav mystry

Grand Theft Auto V is a huge open world game and gives players the chance to explore and uncover its many secrets. Although some of them are pretty straightforward, the game also features a fair bit of events and locations that demand more effort to solve.

One such location is a abandoned motel in the Sandy Shore area of the game and it’s achieved myth level among the GTA V community. Many theories have been thrown around that involves this motel.

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Some players have claimed to have seen a ghost wandering around the motel while others swore they could hear a beast growling. That’s not all, many others have reported that they heard a baby crying while being there.

With so many theories and claims thrown around this mysterious motel, it’s tough to figure out what exactly transpires inside it. A youtuber called It’stinytroll decided enough was enough and came up with the perfect solution.