GTA V player found and killed monster nobody believed was in the game


GTA V’s always been the place to discover new things for gamers. The massive open world game offered players an unprecedented level of freedom and new discoveries are being made to date.

One of the game’s oldest mysteries was the rumor that there was the notorious mythical creature Bigfoot present in the game. Bigfoot is an Ape-human hybrid creature that apparently roamed the plains of Los Santos.

gta v hidden

Later on, it was discovered that it was indeed in the game in the form of a hallucination that Michael experiences however sightings without the use of intoxicant remained unreported.

That’s changed after a Youtuber called It’sTinyTroll claimed to have discovered the beast in one of the game’s locations during nightime.

What’s more he’s recorded the entire sequence of events for you to watch.