GTA V Player discovers hidden mine, finds secret nobody noticed before


Grand Theft Auto V is full of secrets and Rockstar Games is known to put down small easter eggs that aren’t really pleasing but can be connected to some of its earlier games if you can put the pieces together.

The next-gen version of GTA V which released for PS4 and Xbox One contains one such secret. Several players have uncovered this rather disturbing secret in the game which involves you finding a mine.

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The mine isn’t accessible from the get go and you’ll need a couple of grenades to blow up the entrance. Make you are far from it or the debris can end up killing you. Once inside the mine, it’s very dark and hence make sure you take a flashlight with you.

What awaits inside is something that noone could’ve seen coming and also if you’ve played an earlier Rockstar Games developer title, it might actually make sense to you.