Gamer playing Counter Strike online discovered his girlfriend was secretly a cam girl

cam girl

What would you do if you found out your significant other was making money by showing the Internet their goodies? A gamer had the misfortune of finding this out the hard way, and decided to share his story on an AskReddit thread.

A guy and his friends were busy playing Counter-Strike together online, and communicating on Skype. One of the friends decided to share a link to the others, which was a sexually explicit video. However, there was an ad on the website that caught the gamer’s attention more than the actual video; one individual, specifically, in a collage full of other women.

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He had to further investigate the link, so he clicked on the ad, and then found an entire profile set up for his girlfriend. Apparently she used to make money on the side by providing live cam shows for paying customers.

It also looks like this poor guy’s girlfriend had made a name for herself on other websites.