Gamer Caught Beating Off After He Left Camera On Before Livestream

Popular Youtube streamer DSP Gaming, who is known for his livestreams and gameplay walkthroughs had a rather embarrassing moment on camera recently.

The Youtuber who has a subscriber base of over 180,000 unknowingly kept his camera on before starting one of his live streaming sessions on his channel. Shockingly, he then went on to have a little boner session before going live. The irony? He already was live.

He was preparing himself for streaming Nioh gameplay and had the following tweet sent out to his fanbase.

Hello all! Today’s Nioh gameplay stream may start a bit later than usual as I’m running a little behind. I’ll have more info soon!

He even put out the following banner on his channel. However, he didn’t know he was already live by then and everyone of his subscribers could tune in.

Image: DSP Gaming

Image: DSP Gaming

DSP Gaming’s private moment was on display for the world to see and it took him a whole 3 minutes to realize this as he continued doing his ‘thing’. It was only when he decided to turn on the stream that he realized his mistake and looked visibly distraught.

Let’s be honest here, we’ve all jacked off every now and then but doing it in front of thousands of people live on a gaming streaming channel isn’t really the idea of a ‘fun time’ for anyone. Our thoughts go out to our comrade who had to go through this harrowing experience and we wish that he can move past it.

Image: Nioh

Image: Nioh

Jacking off isn’t a crime and and he just needs to accept it head on and continue doing his awesome streams. But it would be wise to double check the camera isn’t turned on the next time he decides to go on one of his adventures. This doesn’t make for a pretty sight.

When LegendaryLea went naked on camera on accident it gained her 100,000 new followers. I wonder how many new subscribers this video will gain him. It just might end up being the best marketing he could have ever hoped for.