Gamer ends up having sex with his girlfriend while playing on Xbox Live

A gamer got was in for an unexpected surprise when things steamed up with his girlfriend midway during a gaming session on Xbox Live. He was playing The Division with his friends.

His girlfriend was feeling a bit ‘naughty’ and decided to do some foreplay while he was gaming with his friends. The dude wasn’t able to resist for much longer and he decided to mute his microphone and engage in a love-making session with his dearest.


However, he was in for a shock once he ceased the abrupt but enjoyable session of rough love making with his sweetheart.

He’s shared his story with the world and it’s rather hilarious.

He shared his experience via a Reddit post:

This happened just a bit ago. I was playing the Division beta with my two longtime friends, girlfriend posted up on the couch next to me. Things progress and shes feeling antsy so she starts becoming “playful” with me as Im playing. It becomes too much to bear, and I put my mic on pause to do the dirty deed. We go at it, quite crazily, and my girlfriend is not the quiet type when it comes to sexy time. We finish up, and are laying there, taking quick breather when she asked:

“So what happens when the controller dies with the mic on?”

“It goes to…..the……kinect…..” I respond, slowly grasping the situation. I quickly call out to check our terrible hypothesis.


…… answer, so I try again


“Yes?” He responds in a fit of laughter joined by my other mate. Hours of rolling laughter later and our friendship is now at a much closer, and much stranger, level. My girlfriend is embarassed, mortified, and Im not sure how to tell her I find it hilarious.

He also posted an update after some people called his story to be complete fake and full of lies.

Some people are calling bullshit because of the specificity of the question. I wear turtle beaches, so when I play my tv volume is super low, but on. During sex we didnt notice becuase, well sex, and only when laying after did we notice that the voices of the party were now able to be heard in the TV. Totally true story, boy scouts honor.