Gabe Newell Comments On Cross-Network Play Between PC/PS4/Xbox One

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Cross-network play has been the single most discussed topic in gaming circles ever since Microsoft announced that it was opening the Xbox One to support the feature.

There has been many statements made by Microsoft since then and even Sony hasn’t shied away from addressing the topic although their responses haven’t been really as straight forward as many in the gaming community would like.


However, Sony did confirm that it was open to the idea of cross-network play and willing to discuss the concept with publishers and developers to enable PlayStation Network and Xbox Live to work together and in turn bring the gaming community closer.

All eyes were on Valve now since it owns Steam which is the biggest PC digital games platform. It appears Valve founder and gaming community favorite Gabe Newell has now made his stance clear on cross-network play.

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One over zealous fan actually took a chance and emailed Valve’s founder inquiring what he felt about cross-network play and whether he would be open to allowing it on Steam.

Here’s the email he sent to Gabe Newell

Open the gates for cross-play gaming. The benefits of doing so, he said, would include increased community sizes, fewer platform-exclusive games, and increased freedom of choice when purchasing a gaming system. Opening up multi-platform multiplayer gaming is the next step to a better gaming community.

Image via TechRadar.

Image via TechRadar.

And Gabe Newell actually replied to this email making it clear where Valve and Steam stood as far as allowing cross-network play was concerned.

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