Filthy Frank Sold Out in 2013 and Almost No One Knows About It

One of the most incredible aspects of Youtube is that it gives creative people a lot of freedom, where they can build and reach an audience of millions without having to take notes from directors, producers, or anyone in suits who typically tend to trample on creativity in other mediums. It’s not TOTAL freedom, certain things aren’t allowed, but for the most part, there’s nobody standing over your shoulder saying “you can’t do this.


Obviously there are a lot of channels that feel very polished and corporate and devoid of what made Youtube great in the first place, but Filthy Frank definitely isn’t one of those channels.

He’s also collaborated with other top Youtubers like iDubbbz.

When it comes to pushing the limits, and just being raw creativity personified, Filthy Frank is undoubtably the most creative Youtuber of all time. He’s not “advertiser friendly“, and it’s impossible to imagine him living the corporate life or doing things for money instead of passion and creativity.

Did you ever think you’d see him getting introduced by Jessica Alba?

That’s why it was so surprising when this older video from a few years ago surfaced, at some fancy awards show, where he performed The Harlem Shake, and it was the first time it had been broadcast live. If you didn’t know, he’s actually credited with inventing this former fad.

He must have gotten paid a fortune to make an appearance doing the Harlem Shake as Pink Guy. There’s nothing wrong with that, get that money.