Female Twitch Streamer permanently banned after taking clothes off during livestream

Nowadays, no one really gets surprised anymore when Twitch streams get banned due to violating terms of service. “Accidental” flashings of private parts, domestic violence, and vomiting all while streaming just touches on the various reasons that popular streamers have been banned in the past.


So what’s today’s ban hammer news? A popular Runescape streamer has been banned due to her stripping on camera, which was part of her rage quitting the game.

She looks completely unamused with the game and her stream, and apparently she wanted to get banned on purpose so she decided to take extreme (and flashy) measures in order to make sure she got the job done.

twitch strip 4

image via dudecomedy.com

As you can see in the video below, she looks frustrated and makes comments about how “she hates this stream.” It appears that she got completely topless at the end of the stream, but the video on Reddit cuts off right before we get to see any of the goods.

Personally, it seems like an attempt at getting tips and donations. It’s not a secret that viewers typically pull out their credit cards when these types of things happen. This streamer even tried to deep throat her mic in order to receive more tips.

If history repeats itself in this situation, she’ll be back on Runescape and Twitch in the near future, possibly planning out her next method of getting banned.