Female Twitch Streamer Banned After Accidentally Showing Her Vagina During Livestream

lea vag

One of the most popular female faces on Twitch, Lea May, has been caught up in a controversy recently when she accidentally flashed her private parts during a livestream.

Lea, who goes by the username LegendaryLea, is known to woo her fans with her charms and good looks rather than her gaming skills. She does regular streams and isn’t shy of being goofy while streaming, something that has earned her quite a fan base.

However, things went south during one of her recent streaming sessions. Lea, who appeared to be drunk, went on a rant about her outfit and how she was streaming from a uncomfortable couch.

Image: Lea Instagram

Image: Lea Instagram

Things got heated up when she was seen standing up to grab something and lifted her leg in the process. The leg was pointing towards the camera and it caught the glimpse of her private parts since she wasn’t wearing any under garments.

Lea continued streaming although a lot of fans started commenting about the same. However, Twitch didn’t take lightly to this brief yet clear display of nudity, which goes against its terms of service.

Image: Lea Instagram

Image: Lea Instagram

The company handed out a 30 day ban to the streamer and a stern warning that a repeat offence might result in a permanent ban.

Lea was visibly distraught but accepted the verdict. In case you were wondering why her channel was banned, the video (censored version) will give you the exact idea why.