7 Horrific Fallout 4 Enemies That We All Love to Hate


We’re all gamers here, being pitted against overpowered, oversized creatures isn’t something we are necessarily new to. However  their exist enemies, of a particular kind, that manages to challenge us more than we signed up for.

Fallout 4 is no different and also has it fair share of such enemy types that pose a real challenge to even the most battle hardened among us.

Let’s take a look (Warning – This article might contain minor plot and character spoilers so if you’re yet to start the game, it’s best you skip reading this one) –

Feral Ghouls

feral ghouls

In comparison to the previous Fallout entries, feral ghouls in Fallout 4 underwent a re-skin, making them look and move more zombie like. They’re faster than before and deal bonus radiation damage as well as base physical damage, chipping down at your health bar twice as fast with the stacking rads intake.

What makes them formidable is their tendencies to fight in groups, it’s a quite a rarity to encounter a couple at a time rather than a huge group. This leads to a quick death for unaware players, ghouls will relentlessly attack, charging towards you as one. Not to mention the variants of the ghouls, especially the ‘glowing one’ which not only is stronger than other ghouls, but can forcibly remove radiation from their body, emitting a wave of radiation and re-animating the corpses of fallen ghouls.

While not necessarily hard to kill, players should be aware of their surroundings and listening out for ghouls as they can crawl out from vents, rubble and sometimes even play dead.

Sentry Bot

sentry bot

A sentry bot will be a tough fight, regardless of your level and weapons due to the sheer amount of damage these guys can sponge.

Heavily armored and even more armed, the sentry bot comes complete with dual miniguns that will rip through your health bar if you don’t swiftly find cover. The Fallout equivalent of a tank, they tower over your player in stature and are surprisingly fast.

While they’re formidable foes, the sentry bot has but one weakness, prolonged fighting will cause it to overheat, revealing its weak point for a few hits in VATS mode.

Don’t try to act smart with a sentry bot, if you manage to disable both of their weapons, a self destruct sequence will initiate, giving you a few seconds to escape an explosion roughly on par with a mini nuke.

Mirelurk Queen

Fallout 4_20151108022414

The first giant of a species on the list, The Mirelurk Queen will make its first appearance during the battle for the castle for the Minutemen questline.

Taking a lot of players by surprise, it comes out of nowhere and starts a full frontal assault on the remaining survivors of the fight. One of the most challenging parts of the game due to the fact you’re low on ammo and Stimpacks after the bout, the Mirelurk queen can make short work of you.

With a very powerful melee attack and a ranged attack that causes both radiation and poisoning and the ability to spawn in baby Mirelurks, was it ever going to be easy?

In this fight VATS is your friend and only lifeline, misplaced shots will simply bounce off its hard shell and do little damage, so precision is the only way. Or alternatively you could call upon the Fat Man, if you want to be cheap about it.

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