Fallout 4: Top 5 Overpowered Weapons and Where to Find Them


Fallout 4 has tons of weapons. Furthermore, Fallout 4 has tons of modifications that can be added to aforementioned weapons. That said, adding mods to pre-existing, already amazing weapons would surely be your best choice.

Fear no more, for we are here to guide you in your search for the best weapons. There will obviously be some spoilers as.. well.. we’re telling you where the weapons are.

Overseer’s Guardian


This is a unique variant of the combat rifle. This baby tears through enemies with insanely high power, along with a high fire rate as well. The first time I grabbed this thing, I figured “eh, not really a fan of the combat rifle to begin with”. This gun MADE me a fan of the combat rifle.

You can buy it from Vault 81’s vendor, Alexis Combes. It’s a pretty penny, so be sure to bring plenty of bargaining tools.

Spray n’ Pray


Alright, so what’s better than a fully automatic tommy gun? Well, one with explosive bullets of course. That’s exactly what you get with this thing, which really has it living up to its name.

We advise not spraying too close to yourself though.. Oh, and the gun logically makes no sense since you load the same rounds into it as any other gun of the same caliber, so they really shouldn’t be exploding.. NOT THE POINT THOUGH, IT’S SICK!

You can buy the gun from Cricket, a wandering caravan trader. Again.. probably a decent dime, might want to stock up on some cigarettes to sell.

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