Extended Video shows Harambe holding the boy’s hand before his final moments

Most of us has only been shown footage from the Cincinati Zoo incident that shows Harambe dragging the child through the water aggressively.

However, new footage has now emerged that shows the Ape pulling the child’s pants up and gently holding his hands and not making any aggressive movements.

He is seen spending a considerable amount of time with the kid without any signs of aggressive behaviour.

Harambe was powerful enough to make quick work of the child within seconds if he so wished but instead he bought him back from the water and was in a stance that seemed to suggest he was being protective about him.


The video raises the question if the shooting was justified and if they should have just waited for him to move away from the child or shot an tranquilizer dart at him rather than fatally shooting him.

It’s also to be noted that it was not his fault the parents failed to look after their kid especially when they bought him to a zoo and hence he fell in HIS enclosure.

source: change.org/p/nintendo-make-harambe-a-pokémon

source: change.org/p/nintendo-make-harambe-a-pokémon

All things considered, it’s up for the debate if the zoo authorities panicked in killing the Gorilla and if there might have been another outcome if they had shown a little bit more restraint.

Check out the video below –