Dude from Florida Braves Hurricane to Yell ‘D*cks Out for Harambe’ on Live TV

Florida is under the highest possible Hurricane threat levels right now as Hurricane Matthew draws ever so close. A local West Palm Beach news station were in for another kind of surprise, however, when it was covering the situation live.

During its live coverage, a brave young man emerged out of the blue and spoke into the microphone of the reporter covering the situation while three TV anchors watched in disbelieve from the news room.


The man’s words were simple, he urged everyone tuning in to get their genitals out for Harambe, the slain Gorilla from Cincinnati Zoo, who was fatally shot after a kid fell into his enclosure. This was to be done as a show of respect for the Ape.

Florida has been declared a state of emergency by the White house and people have been urged to vacate their residences and move to safer areas, however some people have battled the storm to stand their ground. This young man seems to have seized the opportunity to pay a tribute to Harambe.

Harambe makes an appearance in NBA 2K17

Harambe makes an appearance in NBA 2K17

The man after noticing ABC affiliate WBPF reporter Faron Salley doing a live weather report, approached her and before she could fathom anything yelled “Dicks out for Harambe, Dicks out for Harambe” and quickly made a retreat.

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