Drunk streamer permanently banned after flashing her boobs during World of Warcraft stream


Twitch has had it fair share of uncalled for flashing incidents in the past but things seemed to have mellowed down a bit in recent months. However, that might have been a lull before the incoming storm.

Another female Twitch streamer has now joined exclusive club of people who flashed their boobs during a videogame livestream. Doesn’t make a lot of sense especially since Twitch has rules in place that prevents such behaviour.


The streamer is question is called S7orm (Storm) and was streaming a game of World of Warcraft with her friends. It seemed he was engaging in some silly conversations with her viewers and lost a bet that ‘made’ her flash her boobs during the livestream.

We’ve a video of the incident below, and she did it not once but twice during the livestream.