Drunk Streamer Choked Her Cat And Forced Her Dog To Drink Wine Live On Twitch

Twitch streamer fail

We have seen a fair bit of idiotic and rather suggestive behavior by girls on Twitch. There’s been accidental flashes by Popular streamers, there’s also been instances of domestic abuse and heck, even people click selfies without turning their stream off. But nothing comes close to the cruelty displayed in this video.

An apparently drunk female Twitch streamer choked her cat and forced her dog to drink wine while Livestreaming on Twitch. This incident happened earlier this year and the streamer tried to defend herself claiming she was drunk and that’s why she carried out these actions. Twitch however didn’t buy that argument, and permanently banned her.


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However, that isn’t an excuse for initiating such cruelty against animals. The poor creatures look horrified in the video and the cat almost lost his life but was able to escape at the last moment.

Image for representative purposes only

Image for representative purposes only

The streamer herself was lucky as she could’ve easily been attacked by both or either of these animals due to her actions. Thankfully for her, the animals aren’t as cruel as she is. Check out the video below. Viewer discretion is advised.