How This Dorky Gamer Ended Up Dating The Smoking Hot ‘Mexican Weather Girl’

You may remember a very attractive Mexican weather girl by the name of Yanet Garcia going viral on the internet about a year ago. If not, the gist was that some smoking hot fitness chick was doing the weather in Monterrey Mexico.

@iamyanetgarcia instagram

Now I don’t speak Spanish, so I’m not sure if she was a good weathercaster or not, but people thought she was hot and looked funny doing the boring ass weather and she started to go viral. Eventually internet commentary legend Ozzie Man reviews did a video about her that got 10+ million views and she really blew up.

Enter Doug “Censor” Martin AKA FaZe Censor a pro COD gamer playing out of the FaZe clan who also has a pretty popping YT channel with over 2 million subscribers.

@faze_censor instagram

In addition to being a pro gamer and internet personality, Doug is also a fitness celebrity and Gymshark sponsored athlete.

@faze_censor instagram

Now one day, Doug was feeling quite courageous, and did something we’ve all done before.